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running track materials

running track materials
running track materialsrunning track materialsrunning track materialsrunning track materials
group name
Ventilation Running Track System
Min Order
1 piece
Kinds of type can be choose
update time
Thu, 19 Jul 2012 00:32:16 GMT


  • color red, green or as request

  • thickness 13mm

  • Sport PU plastic running track

  • Application athletic competition,school etc.

Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 piece


1).Easy construction
2).High Sports performance
3).Suitable shock-aborption
4).Lowest price with good quality


We can offer all the raw materials for kinds type of running track:

Plastic runway with proper elasticity, can produce a suitable for athletes bounce of athletes and protect joint and ligament, reduce the risk of injury.

Prevent slippery:
Plastic runway special cover, can guarantee that its surface not smooth, for athletes to provide a stable security contact feeling, even in wet conditions and bad weather can guarantee the athlete in the feet, steadfast, beginning, accelerate, run quick safety.

Plastic runway excellent wear resistance, can guarantee the plastic runway structure, and long-term stability constant for 7 mm stud the following the running shoes.

Plastic runway good anti-aging and resistant to salt fog, hot and humid, ozone, ultraviolet function, inner physical mechanical properties and appearance structure characteristics and prolong the permanent and best service life.


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